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Learning Teachable Japanese Grammar

Has this ever happened to you, dear heroes and Japanese language learners?

Scenario #1: You’re in middle of conversation in a second language when an unfamiliar/familiar(?) Japanese word pops into your head. You don’t know if it’s right or wrong, but you decide to use it anyway.  You’re either totally correct, almost there, or completely off. But that’s fine! Chances are, even if you WERE completely off, you might have been searching for a word that’s similar-sounding anyway! In other words, you’ve HEARD that word somewhere before, but maybe you just don’t know how to use it.

Scenario #2: You’re texting a friend in Japanese. You’re constructing all the right vocabulary, but when it comes to which Japanese particle to use, you keep swapping between Google Translate, just to be safe. But turns out, your Japanese grammar was correct the whole time! Maybe you can judge if the Japanese is right by the sound of it, but you just don’t know WHY it’s correct.

I feel like this is especially true of you intermediate or advanced learners out there, since we generally have a grasp of the Japanese basics, but have to work hard to retain while gain new grammatical concepts and vocabulary.

Learning Teachable Japanese Grammar

Just because you can speak a language doesn’t mean you can TEACH it. This has rung true for me as both an English teacher and a Japanese teacher. Just because I’ve been studying Japanese for 15+ years, doesn’t mean I understood it in a position where I could teach it!

This is where I’m at progress-wise with JRPG Japanese. Researching Japanese grammar. “Starting from scratch”. Figuring out the best strats to teach you Japanese language learners!

Currently, I’m re-reading many textbooks I used back when I first learned Japanese (Japanese for Young People, Genki, Minna no Nihongo, to name a familiar few). I bought new books, specifically on Japanese grammar or teaching the Japanese language, and started taking notes from those. I hunted on YouTube for newer approaches to Japanese grammar and found a few decent pointers. I even concocted a few grammatical formulas of my own to help you heroes out!

japanese grammar book practice study
Re-learning the basics of Japanese grammar, so I can provide you heroes with the best strats!

As part of the Devlog posts, my goal is to keep you all in the loop as to WHAT I’m doing to help prepare for JRPG Japanese: A Language Learning Adventure!. As a one-woman team, I spread my time and efforts all over the place. From playing/watching RPGs to find common dialogue trees, to managing this website. From reading Japanese textbooks cover to cover, to estimating prices of quality book printers in Japan. This project is taking a lot more time than I thought it would…

Which is where I ask you. Since I’m now working through Japanese grammar, if there are any bits or pieces of grammar that you would like explained, let me know! And by the same token, if any particular facet of the Japanese language catches my fancy during research, I will be posting here, so you can track my progress!

Rest assured, heroes, Japanese grammar isn’t all that hard. Beginner or advanced student, I have full confidence you’ll learn something new in JRPG Japanese: A Language Learning Adventure!!


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