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How to Type Furigana for Japanese Kanji in Word

Up until just recently, I figured out how to type furigana using Word’s Phonetic Guide, and JRPG Japanese: A Language Learning Adventure! never looked so clean…! (* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ I’m so glad I was able to find a way to make my book readable for Japanese learners of all levels. This way, I don’t have to type all phrases twice, once with kanji, and once with only katakana/hiragana… That would’ve been ugly.

I figure, hey, if it took this long for me to figure out, maybe some of you heroes out there could use a quick Microsoft Word tutorial, too.

The Step-by-Step

  1. Highlight the kanji you’d like to add furigana to.
  2. Under the Home Tab, look for the Phonetic Guide icon, give it a click. 
  3. The correct furigana should automatically pop in the popup, leaving your only action here to click OK.

Never fear! If the furigana isn’t correct, you can type it in yourself. There are a bunch of other options for you to play around with here, too, font sizing being one of those things I felt needed adjusting.

And that’s all she wrote! Wasn’t that a refreshing experience?  

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