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Audio Devlog 01


JRPG Japanese Audio Devlog #01

Hi, heroes! This time, I’ve tried something a little new for this JRPG Japanese devlog. Like a bunch of you, I’m an auditory learner. So for those who would rather listen than read, I got you covered! Today, I mustered up courage to record myself, Runa, talking to you one-on-one in an introductory about JRPG Japanese!

If you’ve read my previous devlogs, what I talk about might be nothing new for you. In fact, a lot of the audio’s script is repeating info from what I write about on this website (since this is my main JRPG Japanese HQ on the interwebs).

But if you want to hear me ramble and geek out about random progress in JRPG Japanese that I may not have talked about yet on the actual devlog, then you may want to give it a listen!

If this is something you want to see more of, feel free to let me know. I’m not sure making these is a good way to connect with you heroes, but I figured I’d try.

This has been Runa, over and out, reminding you to save your game, don’t die, and 頑張れよgabare yo (hang in there)!

What’s Runa up to?
Listening To: That gorgeous background music (by Irene Chan) in the devlog video 😀
Watching: YouTube’s publish button before finally clicking it (was nervous)
Playing: Tales of Symphonia
Eating: n/a

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