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Aesprite: Making my first pixel art logo

Hiya, heroes! Guess who’s been dabbling in Aesprite to make a new logo for JRPG Japanese? This dev!

My Aesprite pixel art logo


This was my first attempt at pixel art and my first attempt at Aesprite. My goal was to remake my logo to a pixelized version, as well as add the “JRPG Japanese” title to it. Though it’s not perfect, I think I did pretty good!

Here are some other alternative versions I tinkered with before coming up with my final ver:

You can do pixel art, too!

Turns out, pixel art is a lot of work, but it isn’t as hard as you might think! You can do it, too, if you try!

If any of you heroes are aspiring pixel artists, I’d highly recommend Pixel Logic – A Guide to Pixel Art by Michael Azzi. This helped me out with how to make smoother-looking edges, anti aliasing (to create depth to the speech bubble and weaponry) and how to deal with jaggies (the awkward, non-rounded-looking pixels that stick out in your brain that drove ME insane for an entire Sunday haha).

My future as JRPG Japanese’s pixel artist

My conclusion, I feel I did well enough in Aesprite to make a logo for JRPG Japanese! *Insert Runa victory pose here(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧* But I’ve ultimately decided that when it comes to JRPG Japanese’s tilesets, UI, and my original character my original character sprites, I gotta hire me professionals. Pixel art is tough stuff! If making this tiny logo took me an entire Sunday, then I’d rather just pay a pro and save me some time!

(Granted, I’ve learned a lot about pixel art and Aesprite. So maybe next time I open it up, my next creation will take me less time.)

I found a few beautiful tilesets that I may end up using (and editing and parallaxing under the right terms of use). And I may have found a character sprite artist (in the works)! But in the mean time, I’m just glad to have crafted this little thing!

This has been Runa, over and out, reminding you to save your game, don’t die, and 頑張れよganbare yo!(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

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