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Audio Devlog 02


JRPG Japanese Audio Devlog #02

Hello there, heroes! Welcome to episode 02 of the JRPG Japanese auditory devlog!

Since I love audio and have discovered I love talking in front of a microphone, I’ll continue making these audio devlogs just for you, heroes! Because why READ about what’s going on with JRPG Japanese when you can HEAR me ramble about it instead? ๐Ÿ˜€

Game milestones complete:

  • OST: 4th track (Asian town) done and DONE
  • Map design: Dwarven town DONE

Meet Ken

Today, I talk about Ken, the protag of JRPG Japanese! For anyone who hasn’t met him yet, I talk you through his character reveal post. If you haven’t seen his character design art yet, see the reveal post for pics!

Dwarven town map design complete

I also promised I’d show you the dwarven map me and my new map-maker, Krzysztof Banasiak, whipped up. Aaaas promised~

JRPG Japanese dwarven town map design

Again, as mentioned in the actual audio devlog, this image isn’t final – it’s the overall design! I’ll be prettying it up later, as I plan to use parallax mapping in the final design. But that’s farther down the road after I get the bones for this skeleton.

This has been Runa, over and out, reminding you to save your game, don’t die, and ้ ‘ๅผตใ‚Œใ‚ˆgabare yo (hang in there)! ๐Ÿ˜€

Whatโ€™s Runa up to?
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