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Audio Devlog 03


JRPG Japanese Audio Devlog #03

New microphone GET and auditory devlog episode 03 DONE AND DONE! Why should you heroes READ about what’s going on with JRPG Japanese when you can HEAR me ramble about it instead?

The game update bulletpoints

What progress has been made since last devlog, you ask? Let me list thy bulletpoints:

  • Pixel art:
    • Ken sprite sheet (although not 100% done, it’s just about there!)
  • OST:
    • Secret mage library song DONE
    • Forest dungeon theme DONE
  • Map mockup designs:
    • Mage library and mage town DONE
    • Mermaid kingdom
    • Desert town
    • Jail dungeon
    • Asian town (plus indoors maps)
    • Inside of dwarven houses
    • Kingdom map
    • Elven town (Because I gave up doing it myself and left it to a professional haha)
    • Colosseum entrance

Map mockups a-plenty!

Here are some sneak peaks that you can also expect to see on my Twitter for screenshot saturdays! You’re getting the first look here on this devlog! Aren’t you a lucky hero?

Writing woes

So this devlog covers all the bulletpoints from above, but I also ramble (in unexpected length, forgive my wandering mind) about having trouble keeping track of lore and catching oopsies during my writing process! To hear me giggling about my misfortunes, give this episode a listen!

This has been #03 of Runa’s JRPG Japanese audio devlog, over and out, reminding you to save your game, don’t die, and 頑張れよgabare yo (hang in there/fight the good fight)! 😀

What’s Runa up to?
Listening To: The sound of my own voice during editing
Watching: Aesprite’s UI for weeks on end as I fix up Ken’s sprite sheet
Playing: MegaMan X4 (Just beat X5 again last night, what a good game.)
Eating: One too many Christmas chocolates❤

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