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Organizing RPG Maker Maps

Hiya, beloved heroes! Runa again! If any of you fellow RPG Maker users are having trouble keeping your massive list of maps tidy, I whipped up a quick tutorial about how I organize my maps in RPG Maker!

I love the RPG Maker engine. But as I’ve been fleshing out JRPG Japanese’s world with towns, houses, and dungeons, my massive list of maps is getting harder and harder to navigate through. Especially given that there is no click and drag to sort your maps in RPG Maker. Every time I open RPG Maker MV, I spend too much time scrolling through the list of maps on the bottom-left side, trying to find the right map to work in.

But with a frustrating problem, comes the motivation to scour for a solution! For any of you RPG Maker users out there that can totally relate to the map-organizing woes, I present my solution! I hope it helps you out too.

Organizing RPG Maker Maps: Gimmer_mapsOrder

Gimmer on itch.io created Gimmer_mapsOrder, a downloadable tool that lets you rearrange your RPG Maker maps. Before learning about this, I tried taking the MapInfos.json file (I’ll explain later), converting it to .csv, editing it, then converting it back into .json, and replacing my old file with the new one. But I completely gave up that methodology when I found Gimmer’s mapsOrder instead.

It takes a bit of getting used to at first, but I’m here to first introduce to you the idea that Gimmer_mapsOrder exists and then help walk you through it!

How to Implement

1. Go to Gimmer_mapsOrder on itch.io, and download the “mapsOrder 1.0.rar”.

Also note Gimmer’s usage terms: use is free for commercial and non-commercial use with credit.

2. Unzip the .rar, and open “mapsOrder.html“. I’ve used this in both Firefox and Chrome with no issues.

3. Making sure your RPG Maker MV is closed first, go into your game’s “data” folder and find your “MapInfos.json” file.

Optional but definitely note-worthy: Make a backup of your MapInfos.json in the event you need a backup from before.

4. Click and drag that file into the mapsOrder.html. You should then see a message on the page that says “Maps Found!” along with a complete list of all your game’s maps.

As you can see with the mess that was my random maps rat’s nest, it followed JRPG Japanese’s story well enough with the hometown being first, then forest to mage village… then suddenly a remote island (since when did we get a boat?!), to a merchant island to a floating castle to… a Dwarven village, and well… ‘Twas madness.

rpg maker map organized before
This may be a mess now, but wait until you see the after!

5. This is where the organization comes in! To get started, click on the map you want moved. I chose my Dwarven town, which needs to go in front of the floating castle dungeon.

rpg maker map organization step 1

6. Find the map you want your selected map adjacent to, and click its “+”. This will open up 3 options for where you want your map to go: “ABOVE”, “INSIDE”, or “BELOW”.

rpg maker map organization step 2

I chose “ABOVE”, and viola! My map’s now taken its rightful place!

rpg maker map organization step 3

7. Once your maps are all in their proper places, go to the bottom of the page and hit “DOWNLOAD” to get your new MapInfos.json file.

8. Now all you have to do is go into your “data” folder once again and replace your old MapInfos.json file with this new one! Once you load up RPG Maker MV again, behold! Structure like you’ve never seen before!

rpg maker map organized before
Behold! The Dwarven town is now above the floating castle where it belongs! 😀

Depending on how many maps you have in disarray, this process can take time. But staying organized is your Boss Key to productivity! Organizing RPG Maker maps can be a hassle, but I assure you, it’ll be worth it!

Shout outs to Gimmer_ for this excellent resource! It sucks that the RPG Maker engine couldn’t make things as simple as click and drag, but thank you for being a pro problem-solver!

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