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    Audio Devlog 03

      New microphone GET and auditory devlog episode 03 DONE AND DONE! Because I love talking to a mic, and why should you heroes READ about what’s going on with JRPG Japanese when you can HEAR me ramble about it instead? The game update bulletpoints What progress has been made since last devlog, you ask? Let me list thy bulletpoints: Pixel art: Ken sprite sheet (although not 100% done, it’s just about there!) OST: Secret mage library song DONE Forest dungeon theme DONE Map mockup designs: Mage library and mage town DONE Mermaid kingdom Desert town Jail dungeon Asian town (plus indoors maps) Inside of dwarven houses Kingdom map Elven…

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    Audio Devlog 02

      Hello there, heroes! Welcome to episode 02 of my auditory devlog! Since I love audio and have discovered I love talking in front of a microphone, I’ll continue making these audio devlogs just for you, heroes! Because why READ about what’s going on with JRPG Japanese when you can HEAR me ramble about it instead? 😀 Game milestones complete: OST: 4th track (Asian town) done and DONE Map design: Dwarven town DONE Meet Ken Today, I talk about Ken, the protag of JRPG Japanese! For anyone who hasn’t met him yet, I talk you through his character reveal post. If you haven’t seen his character design art yet, see…

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    Audio Devlog 01

      Hi, heroes! This time, I’ve tried something a little new for this devlog. Like a bunch of you, I’m an auditory learner. So for those who would rather listen than read, I got you covered! Today, I mustered up courage to record myself, Runa, talking to you one-on-one in an introductory about JRPG Japanese! If you’ve read my previous devlogs, what I talk about might be nothing new for you. In fact, a lot of the audio’s script is repeating info from what I write about on this website (since this is my main JRPG Japanese HQ on the interwebs). But if you want to hear me ramble and…

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    Made my first pixel art in Aesprite: A JRPG Japanese Logo

    Hiya, heroes! Guess who’s been dabbling in Aesprite to make a new logo for JRPG Japanese? This dev! This was my first attempt at pixel art and my first attempt at Aesprite. My goal was to remake my logo to a pixelized version, as well as add the “JRPG Japanese” title to it. Though it’s not perfect, I think I did pretty good! Here are some other alternative versions I tinkered with before coming up with my final ver: Turns out, pixel art is a lot of work, but it isn’t as hard as you might think! You can do it, too, if you try! If any of you heroes…

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    Ken pixel art by Sonreirblah

    HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BOY?? HAVE YOU SEEN THESE BEAUTIFUL PIXELS??ಥ_ಥ It’s artist shoutout time! Talented pixel artist and super-chill streamer Sonreirblah awarded me my Ken from JRPG Japanese A Language Learning Adventure in her beautiful art after I won an art contest of hers! Support an artist, and give her a follow on Twitter or Instagram! What’s Runa up to? Listening To: Suikoden II – Even Farther – World Map Theme 2 Watching: My  Ken ‘s beautiful pixels~ He’s such a doll! Playing: Fragile Dreams Eating: …I WAS eating blueberries, but now I’m all out;__;

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    Plugin Introduction: Torigoya_TextRuby for Furigana

    Hello there, heroes! Runa here with a quick devlog to showcase a plugin that will be used in JRPG Japanese: A Language Learning Adventure! In a completely unrelated note, but update nonetheless, I wanted to let you all know that my Instagram account is down, but no, I did not delete it. Instagram did on grounds of “violating terms”, which I haven’t. No luck with any of my appeals yet, so if/when I ever get my Instagram account back, you can STILL keep in touch with me on Twitter. Now that THAT sorry news is out of the way, it’s time for the dev update. Torigoya_TextRuby This plugin is called…

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    JRPG Japanese Devlog

    JRPG Japanese Characters: Yumi!

    Me and my lovely character illustrator, shugulupsketches, are ready to introduce the world to Yumi! Yumi’s design Yumi is an elf, so she’s got lots of that earthy-colored goodness. She’s got the classic elf-green in her cape, while sporting a brown set of gloves, boots, and tunic that you can ONLY get in the village she’s from, “Erufu no Mura”. I gave her a beautiful, blond ponytail to express that “foreign” elven beauty. To give her a more feminine look, we added pink and lace to her undershirt and decorated her cape, gloves, and tunic. Knowing Yumi, she probably sewed that pink fabric on herself after buying them from the…

  • jrpg japanese world map
    JRPG Japanese Devlog


    Update: This devlog is now released as an Auditory Devlog, so you auditory learners can listen instead, too! So I’ve been crunching numbers. I’ve run estimations at printing shops here in Japan and the US. For 200 copies of a 200-page, full color paperback, I was looking at roughly $4,500 JUST to print them. And that’s not including shipping, regardless of on-demand, or me, handling shipping myself. Which got me thinking. From a financial standpoint, if I’m going to be spending thousands of dollars to print a book, why not use that money to, say, buy art (sprites, maps, backgrounds, assets, tilesets, GUI), audio (sound effects and a full soundtrack),…

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    JRPG Japanese Characters: Ono!

    Greetings once again, heroes! Today, I announce a new party member that’s joined the JRPG Japanese party! JRPG Japanese: A new character appears! Me and my illustrator, shugulupsketches have been working hard coming up with designs of playable characters in JRPG Japanese: A Language Learning Adventure!. Today, we present Ono, our mega-tough ax-wielder with a heart of gold! He may be a bit slow (in more ways than one), but he’s really a good, loyal egg, and we’ve decided to keep him and this design we’ve come up with. Ono’s design Spoiler alert, but he’s a knight. (Like you couldn’t tell though, right? By his expensive-looking, kingdom-paid getup?) He’s got…

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    Japanese Grammar Research: Particles: の “no” Nominalization

    For a detailed Japanese grammar update today, I’ve been working through All About Particles by Naoko Chino for the second time, taking notes about Japanese particles. てにをは tenioha (Japanese particles) are the super important glue of Japanese sentence structure that point out the “who’s doing what” or “what’s being done”. These have the ability to completely change the meaning of a sentence, even though they’re typically only a syllable or two long. Japanese particles are rules-aplenty, as each particle can have a number of different uses depending on your scenario. While I’m focusing on teaching you heroes the basics, every other resource I come across seems to have additional information…