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    Aesprite: Making my first pixel art logo

    Hiya, heroes! Guess who’s been dabbling in Aesprite to make a new logo for JRPG Japanese? This dev! My Aesprite pixel art logo This was my first attempt at pixel art and my first attempt at Aesprite. My goal was to remake my logo to a pixelized version, as well as add the “JRPG Japanese” title to it. Though it’s not perfect, I think I did pretty good! Here are some other alternative versions I tinkered with before coming up with my final ver: You can do pixel art, too! Turns out, pixel art is a lot of work, but it isn’t as hard as you might think! You can…

  • jrpg japanese ken by sonreirangel
    Art & Artist Shoutouts,  JRPG Japanese Devlog

    Ken pixel art by Sonreirblah

    HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BOY?? HAVE YOU SEEN THESE BEAUTIFUL PIXELS??ಥ_ಥ It’s artist shoutout time! Talented pixel artist and super-chill streamer Sonreirblah awarded me my Ken from JRPG Japanese A Language Learning Adventure in her beautiful art after I won an art contest of hers! Support an artist, and give her a follow on Twitter or Instagram! What’s Runa up to? Listening To: Suikoden II – Even Farther – World Map Theme 2 Watching: My  Ken ‘s beautiful pixels~ He’s such a doll! Playing: Fragile Dreams Eating: …I WAS eating blueberries, but now I’m all out;__;