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    Made my first pixel art in Aesprite: A JRPG Japanese Logo

    Hiya, heroes! Guess who’s been dabbling in Aesprite to make a new logo for JRPG Japanese? This dev! This was my first attempt at pixel art and my first attempt at Aesprite. My goal was to remake my logo to a pixelized version, as well as add the “JRPG Japanese” title to it. Though it’s not perfect, I think I did pretty good! Here are some other alternative versions I tinkered with before coming up with my final ver: Turns out, pixel art is a lot of work, but it isn’t as hard as you might think! You can do it, too, if you try! If any of you heroes…

  • Art & Artist Shoutouts,  JRPG Japanese Devlog

    Ken pixel art by Sonreirblah

    HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BOY?? HAVE YOU SEEN THESE BEAUTIFUL PIXELS??ಥ_ಥ It’s artist shoutout time! Talented pixel artist and super-chill streamer Sonreirblah awarded me my Ken from JRPG Japanese A Language Learning Adventure in her beautiful art after I won an art contest of hers! Support an artist, and give her a follow on Twitter or Instagram! What’s Runa up to? Listening To: Suikoden II – Even Farther – World Map Theme 2 Watching: My  Ken ‘s beautiful pixels~ He’s such a doll! Playing: Fragile Dreams Eating: …I WAS eating blueberries, but now I’m all out;__;