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    Organizing RPG Maker Maps

    Hiya, beloved heroes! Runa again! If any of you fellow RPG Maker users are having trouble keeping your massive list of maps tidy, I whipped up a quick tutorial about how I organize my maps in RPG Maker! I love the RPG Maker engine. But as I’ve been fleshing out JRPG Japanese’s world with towns, houses, and dungeons, my massive list of maps is getting harder and harder to navigate through. Especially given that there is no click and drag to sort your maps in RPG Maker. Every time I open RPG Maker MV, I spend too much time scrolling through the list of maps on the bottom-left side, trying…

  • JRPG Japanese Devlog,  RPG Maker MV

    RPG Maker Plugin for Furigana

    Hello there, heroes! Runa here with a quick devlog to showcase the RPG Maker plugin for furigana that will be used in JRPG Japanese: A Language Learning Adventure! In a completely unrelated note, but update nonetheless, I wanted to let you all know that my Instagram account is down. No, I did not delete it. Instagram did on grounds of “violating terms”, which I haven’t. No luck with any of my appeals yet. So if/when I ever get my Instagram account back, you can STILL keep in touch with me on Twitter. Now that THAT sorry news is out of the way, it’s time for the plugin introduction. The RPG…