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About Japanese experience

Q. How long have you been studying Japanese?

A. Since I was in my 2nd year of high school. Because they didn’t offer any Japanese courses at my high school, I was lucky enough to find a private tutor, who I learned from for over 10 years. But aside from just book-studying, as a college student, I also had the opportunity to intern in Japan for 1 year in Shibuya, Tokyo, where most of my Japanese language progress was made (ah, the wonders of immersion). Nowadays, while book-studying and immersion is still a thing in my life, I have friends who help me out with my second language a lot.✨

Q. What first sparked your interest in Japan?

A. It’s all those JRPG’s I grew up with on my SNES. Lufia II being my biggest inspiration for my Japan interest. That game is basically the catalyst of my entire life.

Q. What was the first game you played in Japanese?

100% in Japanese? Tokimemo Girl’s Side 1st Love for the DS! That was probably back in… circa early 2010’s? I remember buying it imported, knowing full-well that my DS wasn’t region-locked and could play it. It was cool because, even though I couldn’t understand all of it, I could listen to the lovely voice actors and try to read along.

About the site

Q. What’s with your username, “runawynd”?

A. “Runawynd” is the place up above the clouds (similar to heaven), where my Diviners of Runawynd OCs reside to keep watch over the humans. A long, looooong time ago, Runawynd was the name of an important province in an original story I used to write. It was the hometown of the lead character, actually. …Now that I think of it, I’ve ALWAYS been writing fantasy.

Q. Which programs do you use to make your website with?

A. I use Adobe Dreamweaver and Notepad for my coding. For the graphic design, I use Adobe Photoshop CS6. I also use FileZilla to get my local stuff uploaded to the FTP server. I have Dreamhost for all my hosting needs (they are awesome!). For web design, I use WordPress (which works beautifully with Dreamhost). And Winamp, because I always have my music playing when I’m working on a site!

About game music

Q. Where do you buy your video game soundtracks?

A. I buy them all online from stores straight from Japan. (I am VERY careful about buying the real things, rather than the artificial bootleg junk.) While I’m in Japan, I usually shop at Japan’s Tower Records. If I’m abroad, I used to buy from PlayAsia, too.

Q. Where do you get your video game piano sheet music?

A. I google search it, find page scans amongst musicians inner dwellings on the web, or I buy video game sheet music books online. I used to frequent Riulyn’s RPG Sheet Music Shrine or sometimes Ichigo’s Sheet Music, though.

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