About JRPG Japanese

Q. When will JRPG Japanese release?

While I’m still in early stages of development, I’m not ready to announce a release date just yet. See my Instagram and Devlog for the game’s updates!

Q. What platform will it be on?


Q. Do you have a composer? Can I be your composer?

JRPG Japanese already has a lovely composer, but thank you so much for your interest!

Q. Who’s developing this game?

JRPG Japanese is being developed by Runa (that’s me!), along with the collaboration of many freelancers (Character designer: shugulupsketches | Music: Irene Chan | Map design: krzysztofbanasi | Logo: vebrina | Pixel art: kadejo_c137)

Q. Where’s your Kickstarter?

I’ve decided not to launch a Kickstarter yet. With my tiny team and tiny budget (and no publisher), I don’t want the added stress of letting potential backers down with slow development. If you’d still like to show your support, see the support page!

(I may be starting a Patreon to help with funding instead, but that’s TBA.)

About Japanese experience

Q. Are you a native Japanese speaker?

No, Japanese is my second language, too! This gives me an advantage as a Japanese teacher in the way that I can clearly explain HOW the language works from an English-background perspective. And never fear, I have a native speaker and editor on my team to double-check the game’s script!

Q. How long have you been studying Japanese?

Since I was in my 2nd year of high school. I was lucky enough to find a private tutor, who I learned from for over 10 years. Aside from book-learning, I also had the opportunity to intern in Tokyo for 1 year, and I now live in Japan, where most of my Japanese language progress is made (the wonders of immersion).

Q. What first sparked your interest in Japan?

It’s all those JRPG’s I grew up with on my SNES. Lufia II being my biggest inspiration for my Japan interest. That game is basically the catalyst of my entire life.

Q. What was the first game you played in Japanese?

100% in Japanese? Tokimemo Girl’s Side 1st Love for the DS! That was probably back in… circa early 2010’s? I remember buying it imported, knowing full-well that my DS wasn’t region-locked and could play it. It was cool because, even though I couldn’t understand all of it, I could listen to the lovely voice actors and try to read along.

About the site

Q. What’s with your username, “runawynd”?

“Runawynd” is the place up above the clouds (similar to heaven), where my Diviners of Runawynd OCs reside to keep watch over the humans. A long, looooong time ago, Runawynd was the name of an important province in an original story I used to write. It was the hometown of the lead character, actually. …Now that I think of it, I’ve ALWAYS been writing fantasy.