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I, Runa, single-handedly write JRPG Japanese’s plot and dialogue (in ENG and JPN), do all the Japanese language research, do all the back-end RPG Maker work, maintain social media, update this website, work with my team of freelancers, research ways of delivering the game to you heroes on PC, and all of this – as you might guess – requires a lot of time and love poured into one, big project!

With a tiny team of freelancers and a tiny budget, JRPG Japanese relies heavily on the support of sweet people like you spreading the word and dropping in donations! While I do my best to keep you entertained and educated, if YOU wish to help ME out here, here are some ideas.

Help me fund JRPG Japanese!

At this point, JRPG Japanese has been 100% self-funded. The money coming right out of my savings and into the hands of capable, amazing artists. But if you’d like to help me fund immediate goals, see JRPG Japanese’s Ko-fi! It even has behind-the-scenes development updates that are exclusive to anyone who donates!

If you’d like to toss a few gold pieces in my offering fountain of development, you can make a one-time PayPal donation! As of now, I’m currently funding JRPG Japanese’s OST and pixel art assets.

Share and spread the word!

Since JRPG Japanese: A Language Learning Adventure speaks to a niche group of gamers interested in learning Japanese AND getting a reminiscent fix of old-school JRPG, it’s been hard for me to scour the internet alone to find a niche group who might be interested in the game’s release.

Which is where you come in! Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell your dog and cat! Tell your followers on Twitter or wherever else you dwell on the Interwebs! If you know of anyone who might be interested, send them my way! Every share means a lot to me!


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