JRPG Japanese – The game that teaches RPG-styled Japanese!

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はいよhaiyo旅人よtabibito yo!Hello, adventurer! JRPG Japanese is the 32bit game that teaches RPG-styled Japanese language, using gaming lingo found in your favorite JRPGs and anime! I’m Runa (she/her), the game’s writer and developer!

JRPG Japanese features

  • ⚔A top-down RPG made in the RPG Maker MV engine
  • 🌲Pixel art graphics made by artists around the web
  • 🎵Adventurous, piano-decorated original soundtrack
  • 👩‍🎓An educational game that teaches Japanese language
  • 📝In-game journal full of Japanese tutorials on grammar
  • 🧙‍♀️A full cast of adorable characters created with love
  • 🔰Native-level dialogues in both Japanese and English (that you can swap with the press of a button) with romanji for beginners
  • 🏹Lists and lists of common RPG items, weapons, and monsters
  • 🌈LGBTQIA friendly with gay, bi, hetero, and non-binary characters!
  • 🗺One, complete story with a positive message of compassion, acceptance, reflection, passage, and love

This game is made for Japanese language learners of all levels, from beginners who can only read romanji to intermediate-advanced learners who want a game that can teach them gaming-specific lingo. I will write in-game dialogue using hiragana, katakana, and kanji with romanji. This way, intermediate and advanced learners can get their fix of real Japanese, while the beginners can read along on top.

It’ll include sentence structure, grammar patterns, and common gaming phrases, all while using lots of vocabulary and phrases associated with the old RPGs we used to play as kids! I’ve already collected LOADS of gaming vocabulary, from lists of monsters, weapons, magic spells, common dungeons, items, and dialogues!

Ever wondered how to say “Crap, my HP’s getting low…”, or “Bring it on, scumbag!”, or “This boss is ridiculously hard!”, or “Well, well, well. I’m impressed you made it this far”? I got you covered, hero!

While specializing in vocab and phrases, I also have Japanese grammar in-game lessons planned to help you understand how to read and make your own sentences! After all, learning a language is like defeating a boss; once you understand its patterns, there’s nothing to it! It just takes practice!


This game is dedicated to those whose interest in Japan came from old school games, like it did me back in the 90s. I sincerely hope it helps you through your journey as you study hard, level up, and then class up your Japanese language well enough to enjoy the same games you played that got you here.

I’m rooting for you!

-Runa(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ (@runawynd)


Before the war, there was a time when all of us lived together in harmony. Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Mermaids. In celebration of their unity, each of the races’ leaders came together with their most valued gemstones, brought them to the land’s greatest blacksmith to have them crafted together in a single icon.

But before that could happen, an evil entity from an unknown world – somewhere, it’s said, above the clouds – descended upon the land and stole the items. Little was known about the entity then. Now, it’s believed to have a mysterious power to infiltrate and corrupt the hearts of the land’s people.

The hearts of the kings and queens were once joined in compassion, acceptance, reflection, passage, and love. But the entity twisted to divide them with fear, resistance, ignorance, resentment, and hate. Ill hearts bred conflicts and conflicts bred war. The war dragged on for a decade, separating people further and further.

Until, in the midst of this war, a woman and man met. They were brought together by the call of battle. But when the man found himself at the woman’s mercy, she chose not to kill him. For she was not blinded by the entity that brought hatred upon her land. She gifted him with kindness and an open-heart. The two of them, together, eventually destroyed the entity, ending the war.

Peace slowly crept its way back to the world. People’s clouded eyes were once again beginning to open, but rebuilding the love and unity between the countries proved to be difficult. With the entity no longer leading people astray (or so we thought), it was now up to the people (with the help of one young man and his companions!) to create new bonds and establish peace.


ケン Ken

jrpg japanese ken profileKen, nicknamed “Peacekeeper” in his rustic hometown, takes pride in doing his part to find ways to bring people together post-war. Shortly after the story begins, he is sent on a journey to put a stop to the evil that tears them apart.

He’s a sweet, open-minded 19-year-old protagonist that glues his party together with his enthusiasm to travel and learn something new.

He’s also really good at gardening.

Read more about Ken!

???Not yet announced!

She may be the best friend of the hero? She may be a mage?

For now, she’s a mystery.

オノ Ono

Ono is the party’s mega-tough, but extra-sentimental axe wielder with a heart of gold. Before the story, he worked diligently as a knight for his prince – I mean, king – for whom he’d do anything for.

He’s known the king since childhood, you see, and he still can’t seem to get the titles right.

Read more about Ono!

ユミ Yumi

Yumi is the party’s analytical grace that keeps the rest of her whimsical party members on track… at the expense of some occasional snark.

After being kicked out of her village (rules are rules), she fights in hopes to rebuild her family.

She may have grown up in a sheltered community, but with her enviable ability to talk to animals, she’s heard things.

Read more about Yumi!


JRPG Japanese’s soundtrack will be encouraging, relaxing, and decorated with piano, my favorite musical instrument that I play exclusively video game music on. All music composed by: Irene Chan